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Try Back to School Blend, September's lively, sweet and rich Coffee of the Month.

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Now available from Coffee Fresh, Inc. -- Retail pouches of our 100% Arabica, whole bean, specialty grade coffee. Each pouch starts with 600 grams of green coffee. You pick the coffee. You pick the roast level. We custom roast your order and ship it within 24 hours of roasting. Our micro-roast technology minimizes waste and maximizes quality to give you the best coffee for the best possible price.

 Roasted coffee keeps its peak flavor for two to three weeks.  After that, the coffee beans begin to stale.  Even the best quality, premium coffee tends to take between one to three months to reach consumers.  Coffee on a supermarket shelf can be even older.  Like a warm loaf of bread, fresh coffee smells better, tastes better and is better than coffee packaged to sit on a shelf.   Order Coffee by the Roast and discover the difference fresh coffee makes.

 The roasted weight of each pouch varies between 1 pound and 1.2 pounds depending on the variety of coffee and the roast level you choose.  Coffee Fresh, Inc. packages each roast in a clear/gold foil, zip pouch with a degassing valve and ships within 24 hours of roasting. Whether you prefer your coffee drip or espresso, flavored or decaffeinated, Coffee by the Roast ensures you get the freshest, most flavorful coffee.

Browse our online store and order a pouch or two of our whole bean*, fresh roasted coffee. With our flat $5 shipping and handling rate, the more coffee you order, the better your day.

Your Coffee, Your Roast, Your Way


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*Coffee tastes best if ground right before brewing, but if you'd like to buy your coffee pre-ground, just write "Please grind for" and the kind of brewer you use (Percolator, Filter System, French Press, etc.) under "Special Instructions for Merchant" before you hit the last pay button.  Or email us.  We'll be happy to grind your coffee for you. 

Coffee is a seasonal crop and we occasionally run out of a variety before the new crop is available.  If you place an order for a coffee that is temporarily out of stock, we reserve the right to substitute a similar coffee that has the same or higher price per roast.

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